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Still Life: Ten Pieces for Solo Piano

With some pieces having evolved over twenty years, this is a haunting and evocative collection of music for solo piano, composed and performed by an artist who plays with an extraordinary degree of sensitivity and tenderness. The mood is soothing, but the melodies weave a pattern that connects your heart back to your spirit. The music rises and falls, and then pauses, to hover for a moment, giving you time to breathe while the rich texture of harmonics float away like a lazy balloon on a summer's evening.

This is not new age music; the melodies are more complex and definitive, in a more classical style. This is not classical music; the pieces are stuctured more like songs without words, but the meters are sometimes fluid, to allow space for the passion to be expressed. If you listen carefully every piece tells a story, like a poem. If you'd rather not listen too carefully, the music will still wash up on the shore of your soul in waves, and you will have no choice but to take a breath, and let it set you just a little bit adrift...